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Vladyslav Olkhovsky

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Citizenship: Ukrainian. Spoken languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, English. Address: Office - Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, prospekt Nauki, 47, Kiev, tel. +380 44 5255101, fax +380 44 5254463; E-mail: olkhovsk@kinr.kiev.ua. Home - prospekt 40 let Oktyabrya, 46-A, kv. 13, tel. +380 44 5258356. Biography data are contained in the reference book "Who's who in the world" (11th edit., 1993-1994; 15th edit., 1997-1998), Marquis.

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There are near 200 published scientific articles in refereed physical journals and proceedings of international conferences and simposia and also near 30 published Christian apologetic articles in Christian editions on topics presented in the preceding section.

Main and mostly cited international publications in English:

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